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Reduce Your Utility Bill A single PC left running idle a night and during weekends, wastes up to $100 per year. 60% of office PC's are left running at end of business.

Slash IT Energy Bills by 50% and more by automating computer shutdown across your network!

Achieve a Return on Investment in months. Instantly free up cash flow by remote shutdown of idle computers.
For Corporate IT
Our solutions have proven in installations of thousands of computers that it wont spike support calls or annoy end users.

It even helps end users productivity by being able to move patch and backup windows into the off hours instead of slowing the employee machines down during business hours.
Power Saving for Schools
Power Saving Solutions are extremely popular among schools to secure workstations between classes. By automatically logging of the teacher, students cannot alter or move data.

Our School customers automate the shutdown schedule in the evenings for all computers on campus slashing their enegry bill.
Remote Startup and Remote Shutdown of Computers
Power Saving Solutions can be installed and deployed to hundreds of Computers in about one hour. No need for consultants or lengthy implementation planning.

Many of our Customers deploy test labs and production installations within 45 minutes.
Reduce Emissions
Power and cooling requirements for idle computers and hard drives are a major operating cost for private and corporate networks.

A typical desktop PC runningid le wastes about $100 per year. According to a recent study by IDC, data centers spend over $1 billion per year to power and their networks.

Efficient Power helps you to reduce your primary and secondary electricity cost instantly.

Did you ever wonder why all those desktop computers are still running when you leave the office?

From experience we learned that setting up a computer power management policy on your computer network can be cumbersome and complicated. Implementing a network-wide power saving policy using scripts or Windows Group Policy is difficult and often won't produce the results you're looking for. We know this from speaking to many frustrated developers, adminsistrators, managers and employees.

The current market for computer power saving solutions is crowded and it is not easy to identify the right solution for your environment. EnviProt has deep knowledge in the leading solution in the market and we can help you pick the right solution for your company, school or government network.  Our solutions are built by admins for admins, and is a simple, scalable and flexible platform that can create instant cost savings of 50% or more.

Now saving energy and money on your computer network is easier than you might think. Significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and slash expenses by managing power consumption in your network, whether it be a small office or a network of thousands. In schools, universities, libraries, companies or government.


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